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Buffalo Run

Commerce City, Colorado
Par: 72
Phone: (303) 289-1500

Men's Summary:
Tees Yards Rating Slope
Black 7411 74.5 129
Gold 7016 72.8 124
Blue 6499 70.4 119
White 6113 68.4 116

Women's Summary:
Tees Yards Rating Slope
White 6113 74.5 135
Red 5227 69.5 120

Buffalo Run

#1 from the teebox

Par 5 second from the teebox

Second shot on #2 - you see the water directly in front of you, but do you see that finger slipping in? (Hint: Look for the rushes...)

#3 - the approach shot in from behind the fairway bunker

The stream on #4

Approach shot on #5

Approach shot on #6

Approach shot on #9

Tee shot on the par 4 tenth

Par 5 #11 - second shot is still a long ways out...

#13, par 3 -- a brutal hole!

Par 4 thirteenth - now for a little target golf...

#14 - this hole is way easier than I usually play it. Just hit it straight!

#15 - Show some respect for the rough on the right

Par 3 seventeeth - Now this is a sucker pin if I've ever seen one!

The ducks at #17

Blind tee shot at #18 (catch the jet landing at DIA...)

The home hole at Buffalo Run

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Buffalo Run Photos

Tee shot on the par 4 tenth

Check out..
Background photo: #10 at Falcon Ridge, Mesquite, NV

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