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Puerto Cancun Golf Course

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Par: 72
Phone: 52 (998)847 4446

Men's Summary:
Tees Yards Rating Slope
Black 7241 75.1 136
Blue 6831 73.3 130
White 6444 71.3 127
Yellow 5813 68.7 122

Women's Summary:
Tees Yards Rating Slope
Yellow 5813 73.2 133
Red 5103 70,3 122
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Puerto Cancun

Puerto Cancun Clubhouse

#1 - dogleg left around the traps

Approach to #1

Tee shot on #2

Tee shot on #3

Tee shot on #4 - dogleg left around the lake (you want to aim just left of the corner of the building)

Approach to #4

Par 3 #5

Yes, that's a sign warning of alligators!

Interesting holes in the building -- to let the wind through?

Tee shot on #6

Tee shot on #7

Approach to #7

Par 3 #8

Approach to #9

Straightaway #10

Tee shot on the p ar 5 #11

The confusing look from the tee on #12

Long par 3 #13

Oceanside on #14 tee box

Short par 4 #14

Short par 3 #15

Par 3 #16 (181 yards)

Intimidating tee shot on #17

Tee shot on #18

Approach to #18

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Puerto Cancun Golf Course - Overview

The Puerto Cancun Golf Course was opened in 2013. It was designed by Tom Weiskopf, and offers an interesting combination of hole designs, including a short par 4, several long par 3s, and an island hole.

It's not really a walking course. There are no hills, but there are a couple holes that are separated from each other by a quarter mile or so. The #9 green is a couple hundred yards from the clubhouse, and the #10 teebox is a couple hundred yards more than that. Green fees include the cart, so by all means use it!

Several of the holes have water in play (complete with signs warning of alligators!) or are bordered by jungle. To be fair, we didn't see any alligators. One hole even runs alongside the Caribbean Sea. The course is also surrounded by startling skyscrapers. There were lots of building cranes in evidence, and there is a lot of new development.

The course itself is well-cared for, and the greens run true and fast.

The wind was a major factor the day I played. I don't know if it's a seasonal thing, or if it's a coastal thing, but hang onto your hat!! The wind was literally blowing the flagsticks out of the cups. If you're hitting into the wind, plan to lose about 30 yards! I was still glad to be there -- this was February, and it was about 80 degrees (as opposed to the -6 in Colorado that day!).

At $120/round, it's a bit pricey, but a lovely course, nonetheless.

Puerto Cancun Golf Course Detail

This writeup is from the white tees.

Hole #1 is a 367 yard par 4 which doglegs left around a system of bunkers. Stay the heck away from those bunkers, and hit it out towards those two buildings on the right. Once you turn the corner, the hole opens up nicely. Beware the greenside bunkers on the right.

The second hole is a longer straightaway par 4. Many people have a tendency to overswing on long holes. You're better served to focus on hitting it straight, not far. Bogey is a good score on this hole, just keep it in play!

#3 is a short par 5, playing only 458 yards from the whites. It doglegs left up the hill, but you don't want to favor the left side because that brings the bunkers into play. Meanwhile, it's only 172 yards to fly the bunker on the right. So aim up the middle, but if you flair it right a little, you should still be okay.

#4 is a 362 yard par four which wraps around a pond. A good line is the left corner of the skyscraper. I'm way too much of a coward to try and bite off any more carry over the water! After that, the hole opens up nicely.

The fifth hole is a long par 3 with a pond jutting in from the left. I overswung and snap-hooked it into that pond. Dumb move. I paid more attention to form on the second shot, and wound up pin high just right of the green. Much better strategy!

#6 looks from the tee like it doglegs left, because they shove the teebox up against the trees on the left. It's really a straightaway hole. Aim just left of the buildings on the right, and don't try to kill it. Yes it's a long hole, but remember, "Straight is your friend!".

The seventh hole seems like it goes on forever. It's a 542 yard par 5. It's a mile wide, so hit it straight up the middle. It eventually bends left, but that's a detail for later. A more important detail for later is the creek that fronts the green. You want to have a pretty good second shot because you don't want to be clearing that creek with a long iron. If you're not inside of 150 yards on your approach shot, you may want to lay up.

#8 is a long par 3, over a pond. The wind was pretty stiff, so I took my two hybrid (which was too much club). I swung hard and caught it flush. Pure. I was still 30 yards short! (but still dry...)

The ninth hole is a longish par 4, playing 407 yards. The ideal line is a bunker system far far away in front of a big building in the distance. That bunker system actually fronts the green, which I couldn't see, because the wind had blown the flagstick out of the cup. The bunkers left and right are both reachable from the teebox, but there's plenty of room between them!

#10 is a straightaway par 4, playing 375 yards. What you see is what you get, so tee it high and let if fly!

#11 is a 503 yard par 5. It's confusing from the tee because you can't see the green (another downed flag). The bunker on the left is 255 yards, while the one on the right is closer. So basically favor the left half of the fairway.

#12 is an interesting par 5. First you've got the teebox. Then you have a bunch of junk. Then you have a landing pad. Then you have more junk. Then you have the rest of the hole. I figured out that the end of the landing pad was 255, and there was no way I could possibly hit it that far. Of course I hit the shot of the day, and bounced into the junk. Despite feeling proud of myself for hitting a drive that well, I guess I have to advise a layup off the tee.

#13 is a 216 yard par 3 directly at the ocean. The day I was there, the wind was howling. I hit my driver. Unfortunately I sliced it right. It wound up pin high, so I think it was the right club choice.

#14 is a gorgeous hole, running alongside the ocean. It's only 282 yards, so you have many options on how to play it. The bunker on the right side of the green is 235 yards, so whatever you hit, go in that direction.

#15 is a charming but treacherous par 3. It plays just 151 yards, but notice those two fingers of the pond reaching in from the right? Yeah, treacherous. Any miss short and right is basically doomed. You're far better off to bail out left and risk the bunker!

#16 is also a par 3, although this one is a bit longer. It's protected by bunkers both left and right. Any short miss is okay, so focus on hitting it straight!

#17 is a longish par 4, playing 384 yards. From the tee, it feels kind of cramped because the teebox is tucked up against the trees on the left. However, this is mostly an illusion, and the fairway itself is actually plenty wide. The trick is to get off the teebox without pulling your shot left. Your approach shot to the green brings a lot of trouble into play in the form of fairway bunkers blocking the green. If you're faced with a long iron approach, you might seriously want to consider laying up.

#18 is the island hole. There are interesting canals visible from the teebox, but water doesn't actually come into play until your final approach into the green. This hole has some length (407 yards), so again, if you're trying to hit a long on your approach, a layup is a good alternative. A good line off the tee is that skyscraper just left of the bunkers.

This is a very nice course, and there are four sets of tees to choose from. So you can self-sort as to how much golf you want to bite off. Pay attention to the slopes, and notice they're fairly stiff. The more yardage you take on, the more difficult it gets...

Background photo: Par four #5 at Crosswater, Sunriver, OR

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