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Calamus Golf Course

Burwell, Nebraska
Par: 70 (men) 72 (women)
Phone: 308-346-5559

Men's Summary:
Tees Yards Rating Slope
Back 5690 63.4 102

Women's Summary:
Tees Yards Rating Slope
Forward 4646 ? ?
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Calamus Golf Course

Calamus Golf Course Clubhouse

Tee shot on #1, a dogleg left

A landmark in the middle of the course

Approach to #1

#2 Teebox

Approach to #2

Par 3 number 3 to an elevated green

Graveyard on the hill above the #3 green

Looking back at the #4 tee box

Approach to #4

Par 3 number 5 (beware the water on the right!)

Short par 4 number 6 -- favor the right side of the fairway

The hidden pond on the left side of the approach to #6 (and the windmill that fills it)...

#7, the only par 5 on the course (beware out-of-bounds to the right at the dogleg)

Tee shot on #8

Approach to #8

A look at the dogleg on #9 from the tee box

Approach to #9

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Calamus Golf Course Overview

The Calamus Reservoir is a lake in Loup and Garfield Counties in north central Nebraska. It was finished in 1986, and formed by damming up the Calamus River. The Calamus Reservoir is over 10 miles long, and the dam is one and a half miles wide. It irrigates over 53,000 acres of farmland. When full it is over 60 feet deep and covers over 5,000 surface acres.

By 1994, the locals had opened The Calamus Golf Course. Located about a mile below the dam, toward the town of Burwell (6 miles to the Southeast), Calamus is a par 35 nine hole track. Since it's a fairly new course, the trees are still pretty immature (small). The grass in the rough doesn't get watered, and so it tends to be dry and wispy.

If you're into fishing, boating, and camping, Calamus is a great destination, and the golf course is well worth playing since you're in the neighborhood anyway. The course is inexpensive, the people are friendly, and the bogey golfer has a chance to make a few pars, and maybe a birdie or two.

Calamus Golf Course - Detail

Hole #1 is a 350 yard par 4 that bends to the left around the boundary of the course. Because of this bend, accuracy is at a premium off the tee -- stray to the right a little and you're in the rough pretty quickly; conversely, if you try to get too cute and cut the corner, it's pretty easy to hook one OB. So a conservatively hit straight shot is a good idea, especially since the hole is not that long anyway. A 190-200 yard shot is plenty. The greens on this course seemed to run a little slow, so you can usually make short chips hold the green. You can also afford to hit your putts firmly.

Hole #2 is a little longer, running 425 yards. It's also a little straighter, so you can hit a three wood or driver safely. (Be mindful of the OB stakes to the right separating the hole from #7 coming back the other way.) The rough isn't very heavy (I don't think they water it), and the few trees are small enough they aren't much of an obstacle. The green is long from front to back, and narrow from left to right. Laying up on your approach shot is a good idea, because if you're pin high but off the green, it's really difficult to chip on from the side (especially because of a couple of strategically placed trees).

Hole #3 is a cute 140 yard uphill par 3. Take an extra club, and aim for the middle of the green. An interesting feature of this hole is that there's a hill just behind the green atop of which is a little graveyard. Presumably there's a couple of Civil War veterans buried here, although I didn't take the time to examine the headstones. A scenic, peaceful final resting place.

Hole #4 is a 377 yard par 4. The tee box is wedged into the corner, and has a forced carry over a pond and native area. The fairway doglegs left around a handful of trees. So off the tee, you want to hit a club that you can safely get up into the air. There's room to hit a driver or a three wood, but the hole isn't long enough that you have to. Again, pick the club that you have confidence that you can hit well.

Hole #5 is an interesting 175 yard par3. The "interest" is all about the pond on the right, that reaches out into the fairway. The bailout is therefore to the left.

Hole #6 is a short par 4 -- only 323 yards. The green is tucked in to the left behind a pond which you can't see from the tee box. Play it as a two-shot hole, laying your first one out into the right hand side of the fairway, using something safe -- say a 4, 5, or 6 iron. Easy to make par if you don't get greedy.

Hole #7 is the only par 5, and at 450 yards, it's not too formidable. The hole doglegs to the right, and the trees in the right hand rough are not too large, so if you feel like trying to get there in two, you can shave a little distance off with an agressive line. But don't be too agressive; there are some OB stakes to keep you from hitting into the #2 fairway coming back the other way. The rough was dry and wispy, so you can get a decent lie over there. But you can also get tangled up in it too, so there's a risk/reward thing to think about. It's certainly an easy par opportunity, and maybe even a birdie opportunity if you're hitting the ball well.

Hole #8 is a really short par 4 at 275 yards. There is a strong temptation to aim out over the trees on the left with the intent of pounding it hard enough to fly over the trouble. Be careful... there are lots of burms and trees and bunkers to negotiate up around the green; there's trouble to be had if you go looking for it.

Hole #9 is another short par 4 at 329 yards. This one is pretty straightforward, and if you've been hitting the ball well, go ahead and hit your driver (unless you're prone to duck hooks). There's room to miss it right (be watchful if anybody is on the #1 teebox). There is also a strong temptation to try and cut the corner off the dogleg, but the trees and rough on the left reach further than you probably expect. Hit the ball in the fairway for the best results.

A bogey golfer can aspire to make some pars here -- maybe even a birdie or two if your short game is sharp. No need to roll up any doubles, unless you get greedy on some of the shorter holes.

Background photo: Picture perfect #16 at Rio Secco, Las Vegas

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