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Twin Peaks Golf Course

Longmont, CO
Par: 70
Phone: (303)651-8401

Men's Summary:
Tees Yards Rating Slope
Blue 6809 71.5 124
White 6349 69.3 120

Women's Summary:
Tees Yards Rating Slope
Red 5847 71.1 122
Gold 5410 68.8 117
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Twin Peaks

Approach to par 4 #1

#2 -- straightaway par 5

Par 4 #3

Longish par 3 at #4

#5 - Dogleg right

#6 - another dogleg right

Tee shot on the par 3 #7

Tee shot on #8, which doglegs left around the lake

Approach to #9

Tee shot on #10, which bends to the left

#11 Fairway

Par 3 Twelfth

Brutal par 4 #13

Approach to #14

Short par 4 #15

Approach to #16

Long par 3 #17

Approach to #18, with the clubhouse behind

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Twin Peaks Golf Course - Overview

Twin Peaks is an old style parkland course in the city of Longmont, CO, which opened in 1978. It's a par 70, which means a) there are only two par fives on the course, and b) there a bunch of really long par 4s. The par threes are nothing to sneeze at either. There isn't any elevation change, but there are a lot of different hole styles, and you're never denied a stunning view of the front range, especially Longs Peak.

There is a public street running along the south side of the course, and houses on the other three sides. The course is therefore contiguous, as opposed to winding through various housing developments. Therefore, it's an easy course to walk. (yes, carts are available for rent).

The greens, fairways, and even the rough, are well-cared for and seem to get plenty of water. The fairways all have 150 yard poles in the middle, not to mention plates in the fairway with yardages marked (lots of sprinklers are similarly marked). The scorecard has a pin placement page -- there are six. The greens are moderately fast, and run true.

We played there on a Saturday morning in July, and it was by no means crowded. Very pleasant course -- have fun!

Since this is written by and for the Bogey Golfer, the advice is slanted a bit more conservatively than a scratch golfer might look for. Improving your score is mostly about eliminating the blow-ups… Off to the first tee!

Twin Peaks Golf Course Detail

This writeup is from the white tees which play 6349. The blue tees stretch it out to 6809.

The first hole is by way of a warm-up, playing only 364 yards, and rated as the easiest hole on the front nine. It's a straightaway par 4, plenty of room to drive the ball, and fronted by a large bunker on the right. Take plenty of club to reach the green (and fly the bunker), and this is a potential par hole for us bogey golfers!

The second hole is a par 5, playing 536 yards. It's pretty tight off the tee because of all the houses down the right side. If you're not confident in hitting your driver straight, then back off to a three wood, or something that you can hit straight -- it is a par five, after all.

#3 is the first (of many) long par 4, playing 398 yards. It's pretty much straightaway, so tee it high, and let it fly.

#4 is a 188 yard par 3. It's protected by a bunker front left, but there's plenty of room to bail out right.

The fifth hole doglegs to the right. It's about 379 yards, and is wide enough to go after it with a driver. Favor the right half of the fairway -- the trees are sparse enough you can get away with it.

#6 is another long one, playing 396 yards. It also doglegs right, but there's a pine tree guarding the corner, not to mention a pond right of that. Just try to get it down the middle, and you should be okay.

The seventh hole is a shorter par 3, playing 158 yards. Be mindful of the finger of the lake that wants to gobble up anything you flub to the right.

#8 is another long par 4, at 395 yards. It doglegs left around a lake, so don't be too cute and try to cut the corner. Take what the course gives you. It's better to have a 200 yard shot into the green for your second shot from the right side of the fairway than it is to be hitting a 235 yard shot from where you took a drop from hitting your tee shot in the water!

The ninth hole is a short par 4, at only 342 yards. The green is fronted on the right side by a big bunker, so make sure you have plenty of club if you're attacking a right pin. Better yet, just play to the middle and don't mess with the bunker.

The tenth hole is a really tight 387 yard par 4. I say "really right" because of the trees crowding in from the left, making the hole basically dogleg left around them. It looks like the water is in play to the right, but it's probably far enough away that it's more of an optical illusion. The trees on the right are real, though. Might be a good idea to back off from the driver, if it helps you hit it straighter. Bogey's not a bad score here...

#11 is about 384 yards, but it's a bit roomier than #10. Definitely hit your driver here. Trouble is harder to get to...

#12 is a par 3, playing 166 yards. It's guarded all across the front by a massive bunker, so either make sure you can get the ball in the air, or bail out right. I got the ball in the air, but I accidentally missed it right. I still had a decent chance for par.

#13 is a brutal par 4, playing 426 yards (yes, it's the hardest hole on the back nine). You're going to need all the distance you can get here. But make sure you make two solid hits. (Don't overswing and top it...)

#14 is the other par 5 on this course. It's only 501 yards, and is therefore handicapped as the easiest hole on the course. Three lay-ups and two puts makes an easy par. A driver and a long iron will leave you with a short wedge and the possibility of an up-and-down birdie...

#15 is fairly short, and nice and wide too. I missed the fairway left, and still had a short iron into the green. Easy hole, good par opportunity...

#16 is a 381 yard par four which doglegs right around a pond. The hole isn't so long that you have to crowd the right side. Stay dry, and you'll be fine.

#17 is a long par 3, playing 195 yards. Don't try to kill the ball in an attempt to reach the green -- you might hook it left into the pond. Hit it straight, and try to get up and down for par. Bogey is an okay score here.

The home hole is another long par 4 (399 yards). Try to keep it in the fairway, and not in the trees. Be mindful of the bunker on the front right of the green.

This is a nice course, and good value. Other nearby famous courses seem to draw the crowds away, and you can usually get on here with no trouble. Pace of play is pretty good too. Have fun!

Background photo: Tee shot on #11 (par 5) at the Oasis Palmer course, Mesquite, NV

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